I'm a product designer
specialising in UX & Visual Design. Currently work in dCS Audio.
I'm a London-based designer. Currently, I am working as Freelance Product Designer at dCS Audio. In the past, I have designed for COSMOPOLITAN and Swire Properties.
dCS Product Development
dCS Audio is one of the world leaders in digital audio conversion technology, producing top-quality audio systems. They have its flagship product, the Vivaldi system, launched ten years ago. I act as the product designer to revamp the flagship app of dCS- Mosaic, and revisit the user experience ecosystem. The project is still under NDA and is password protected.
dCS Audio identified an opportunity to expand LINA's usability by introducing a new feature - volume control within the LINA DAC. This enhancement would enable LINA to function independently, catering to a broader audience, including both headphone and speaker enthusiasts. My role is to explore and develop a user-centric approach and implement the idea.
Utopicode, a tech company, sought to create a vibrant tech talent community. Focused on attracting and engaging tech talent, our goal was to foster a sense of belonging, value, and consistent participation.
Balance App
Balance is an adaptable meditation app tailored to individual meditation preferences and levels. Despite acquiring new customers through generous year-long free trials, they faced a challenge of retaining these users post-trial. With a focus on user research, our team is dedicated to identifying the underlying causes and devising effective solutions to ensure continued engagement and subscription retention.


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